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Mreža mladih Hrvatske ulaže napore u osiguravanju vjerodostojnosti i istinitosti informacija koje prenosi putem svog info-servisa "Mladi info". Međutim, Mreža mladih Hrvatske nije u mogućnosti jamčiti potpunu vjerodostojnost i istinitost informacija i odriče se odgovornosti za eventualne štete nastale korištenjem istih.

Sva prava pridržana 2007. - 2012. MMH.
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Managing Board


Karlo Kralj, President
Born in 1993 in Zabok, currently lives in Zagreb, where he studies political sciences. He has been active in the civil society organizations since 2010 – when he first joined the Youth Group of the Centre for Peace Studies, and later on started to volunteer at the Croatian Youth Network. In his work at the Network, he focuses mostly on questions of the youth work development, sustainability of the youth organizations and organizations working for youth within the civil society, participation of young people in the decision making processes, and the problems related to monitoring of processes of creation, and implementation of the youth policies on the national and local level. He is interested in studies of different phenomena and topics such as organizational theory, social policy, educational policy, political socialization, and political culture.
Sven Janovski, Vice-President
Born in Zagreb in 1987, journalism student, he has been active in Green Action, which he joined through the Right to the City (Pravo na grad) campaign in 2010. He works as coordinator of the Activist Group and is a Member of the Board. It's his decision to dedicate his life to environmental protection and sustainability, where he sees youth participation and activism as essential. Other fields of interest: urbanism, energy, media, ethics, psychology... In his free time he enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games and generating noise (he might say music, but that's debatable...).
Dunja Kučinac, Member
Born in 1989 in Belišće. Since 2008 lives in Zagreb, where she graduated from Faculty of Philosophy, department of Comparative Literature and Art History. She works at the Association for Promotion of Cultures Kulturtreger as an associate on different programs and in the project of Centre for Documenting Independent Culture. During her engagement in the field of independent culture she focused primarily on the issues of documenting and developing sustainable models of collaboration and knowledge sharing among organizations in the independent scene. She's interested in cultural politics, cultural production and youth urban culture, as well as youth activism. She hosts literary debates, plays drums and lives in the small anarchofeminist vegan collective in Trešnjevka.
Ria Bilić, Member
Born in Slavonski Brod in 1987. She could not be less of a local patriot even if she wanted, because she has spent her life in Slavonski Brod, Rijeka, München, Umag, Pazin, Zagreb, and Budapest. She holds an MA in political sciences, and she currently works at a position of project manager at the Institute for development of education in Zagreb. She is interested in educational policies (especially those related to higher education), youth policies, working with youth in non-formal educational projects, political-theoretical analysis of movies/comics/pop-culture, possibilities for improvement of political participation through IT innovations, and relations in the region of former Yugoslavia. In the free time she is fanatically following the political scene in Croatia, writes project proposals, seeds plants (to recover herself from the former two), plays board games, exercises free climbing, makes cakes, and travels whenever and wherewer she can. 
Gabrijela Martić, Member
Born in Zagreb in 1993 where she lives and works until today. At the very beginning of high school, she joined the debate club „ Bušmani“ in II.gimnazija and became a part of Croatian Debating Society. Although primarily didn't had long-term plans for volunteering and work in civil society, she "changed the plate" by enrolling to study of history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and started working as a trainer of debate club in II.gimnazija and educator ih Croatian Debating Society , which becomes the most numerous in the Republic of Croatia, and whose was herself a member and active volunteer for Croatian Debating Society from 2012. Without much thinking sh continues to actively work with young people, work on cooperation with various organizations with particular emphasis on linking formal and non-formal education and decentralization. She believes that culture of dialogue is very important and strives to connect its work for Croatian Debating Society and study of history. With work in the Croatian Youth Network was interested through cooperation and striving for continuous improvement of the situation of young people that is considered to be better through cooperation and connection between seemingly unrelated sectors. At the Network she will continue to engage in youth work. Her special interest are development of critical-thinking skills and teamwork among young people which she believes is a prerequisite for a better society. Often without much reflection, she's trying to change the world for the better as a self-respecting altruist, whenever when she gets an opportunity.



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