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Mreža mladih Hrvatske ulaže napore u osiguravanju vjerodostojnosti i istinitosti informacija koje prenosi putem svog info-servisa "Mladi info". Međutim, Mreža mladih Hrvatske nije u mogućnosti jamčiti potpunu vjerodostojnost i istinitost informacija i odriče se odgovornosti za eventualne štete nastale korištenjem istih.

Sva prava pridržana 2007. - 2012. MMH.
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Recent activities under “Better Strategies for Youth, Youth for Better Strategies” project

From September 12th to 14th, a last meeting on the Erasmus+ project “Better Strategies for Youth, Youth for Better Strategies” was held in Zagreb. During this meeting, participants have evaluated last year and a half of research and advocacy project work, but also thought about further follow-up steps for ensuring the sustainability of project’s results. Although project forma...


MMH takes part in a conference organized by the Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Tourism organized a conference presenting the upcoming call for proposal funded within the framework of the European Social Fund (hereafter: ESF). Thus call is aimed at fostering employment of vulnerable groups in tourism and hospitality sector. The conference took place within facilities of the "Esplanade Zagreb Hotel" on Monday, July 11.   Nikola Buković of...


MMH participated in the Youth Forum „Russia – Balkan“

From 15 to 19 of June in Moscow Croatian Youth Network participated in the International Youth Forum between Russia and Balkan countries. The forum was organized by the National Youth Council of Russia and organization Rossotrudnichestvo.   The Forum has convened young representatives from 11 countries of Balkan (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ...


MMH Assembly in Samobor

Annual Assembly of the Croatian Youth Network will take place in Samobor on April 22 and 23. Kindly direct any possible queries to: info@mmh.hr. ...


Drafting recommendations for better strategies for youth!

The second transnational meeting within the Erasmus+ project „Better Strategies for Youth, Youth for Better Strategies“ took place between the 26th and 28th of February. National youth councils from Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus, together with research partner from the People and Work Unit, have worked together on drafting the recommendations for qu...

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