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Mreža mladih Hrvatske ulaže napore u osiguravanju vjerodostojnosti i istinitosti informacija koje prenosi putem svog info-servisa "Mladi info". Međutim, Mreža mladih Hrvatske nije u mogućnosti jamčiti potpunu vjerodostojnost i istinitost informacija i odriče se odgovornosti za eventualne štete nastale korištenjem istih.

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Second generation of Youth Studies

Introductory seminar at Youth Studies programme was held in Rijeka from September 25 to October 2. Intensive seminar with 15 young proactive participants had focus on three topics: Civic education, Youth work and Participation of youth in decision-making. Lectures, workshops and discussions were held by prominent academic professors, scientists, practicioners, researchers and leaders. Participa...


National Conference of Youth Advisory Boards in Zadar

The Croatian Youth Network is organizing a National Conference designed for members of municipality, town or county youth advisory boards. This conference, which is taking place within framework of activities marking International Year of Youth, aims at building capacities of youth advisory boards’ members for implementing currently valid Act on Youth Advisory Boards, as well as for quali...


Youth Dialogue: Where are the Jobs? Generation Y Asks!

Nikola Pandurić, CYN Board member, is participating at the IMF-WB Annual Meetings in Washington D.C. On 21 September he will take part in the debate Youth Dialogue: Where are the Jobs? Generation Y Asks!. You can follow and participate in the debate via following services: 1. Hashtag for  the youth event: #youthjobs 2. Link to the website of the youth event (live webcast): http:...


Go Against the Flow in Zadar

The training “Go Against the Flow” took place in Zadar from 21 to 28 August. It was organized by the Croatian Youth Network in partnership with Klub litijskih i šmarskih študentov (Slovenia), Prijateljice and Fonadacija tuzlanske zajednice (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Svi različiti, svi ravnopravni (Serbia). Twenty participants from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sl...


CYN at the II Youth Convention on Volunteering - Volunteering is Europe’s best renewable energy!

The II Youth Convention on Volunteering was the biggest public event of civil society in the framework of the European Year on Volunteering and received the patronage of the European Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committee. It took place between 7 and 11 September 2011, and was composed by a Stakeholders Conference gathering all political actors and more than 50 youth org...

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