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Mreža mladih Hrvatske ulaže napore u osiguravanju vjerodostojnosti i istinitosti informacija koje prenosi putem svog info-servisa "Mladi info". Međutim, Mreža mladih Hrvatske nije u mogućnosti jamčiti potpunu vjerodostojnost i istinitost informacija i odriče se odgovornosti za eventualne štete nastale korištenjem istih.

Sva prava pridržana 2007. - 2012. MMH.
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Youth Policy Backpack on tour

The Croatian Youth Network and the National Youth Council of Slovenia visited 11 Croatian towns and 12 youth organizations, and presented three publications which are the main outputs of the Youth Policy Backpack project. In the course of three days, from 27 to 29 April, three teams made of Croatian-Slovenian duos, visited CYN member organizations and other local organizations with the aim...


"A Million Signatures for RECOM" Campaign goes on

If you are a national of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro or Kosovo you can join the campaign by signing the online petition in support of the foundation of an independent, international, regional commission tasked with establishing the facts about all victims of the wars waged in the period 1991-2011. You can sign the petition here. You can also join the...


CYN representatives attended seminar on international development assistance

The Center for Peace Studies, Human Rights House Zagreb and Austrian-based Trialog Association organized a seminar on the role of civil society organizations in providing international development assistance, which took place on 7-8 April in Zagreb. The aim of the seminar was to introduce civil society organization with a system of providing development assistance within the European Union...


CYN joins celebration on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of ERYICA

Mirela Travar, CYN Board member, participated at the international coference in Opatija, 16-17 April, which marked the 25th anniversary of ERYICA – European Youth Information and Conselling Agency. The occasion also marked the European Youth Information Day which is celebrated across Europe every year on 17 April. On that date in 1990 ERYICA Assembly adopted the Charter on Youth Informing...


Consultations on the Regional Mobility Initiative Fund in Belgrade

Croatian Youth Network, Youth Information Agency (B&H) and the Youth Program of Civic Initiatives (Serbia) launched a regional initiative to promote mobility of young people in these three countries. As a part of activities within the Initiative the first national consultations in Serbia, Belgrade 7 April were held. Katarina Pavic, vice president of CYN participated at the consultation...

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