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Consultations on the Regional Mobility Initiative Fund in Belgrade

Croatian Youth Network, Youth Information Agency (B&H) and the Youth Program of Civic Initiatives (Serbia) launched a regional initiative to promote mobility of young people in these three countries. As a part of activities within the Initiative the first national consultations in Serbia, Belgrade 7 April were held.

Katarina Pavic, vice president of CYN participated at the consultations, along with partners. Besides Pavic, introduction speeches were given by Jan Zlatan Kulenovic (OIA, Executive Director) and Maja Stojanović (GIYP, coordinator).

The consultation brought together about 40 representatives of youth organizations from all parts of Serbia, from all areas of activities of youth organizations, as well as representatives of newly founded Serbian Youth Umbrella organization. Consultation was initiated in order to map the needs of young people with regards to establishment of a fund, which would encourage mobility among young people in these three countries.

Apart from representatives of youth sector, consultations were attended by representatives of state administration in Serbia (Aleksandar Radak, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RS; Aleksandra MitrovićKnežević, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the RS; Nataša Savić Janjić, Office for European Integration of RS; Jelica Ristić Ćirović, Ministry of Education and Science of RS, as well as representatives from local Youth Offices of the City of Belgrade and the Municipality of Obrenovac).

In the discussion that lasted several hours the need for establishment of a fund that would provide permanent, long term and sustainable solution to mobility among young people was presented, as well as examples of successful mechanisms in Europe that encourage youth mobility. Participants gave valuable examples of how they practice encouragement of mobility and exchanges through the activities of their organizations, as well as provided suggestions regarding potential future activities of the fund, and target user groups.

Consultation process is continuing with national consultations in Zagreb, that will take place on April 21st, as well as in Sarajevo on April 26 2011. In parallel, proposals for the fund will be collected through on-line survey.

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