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Sva prava pridržana 2007. - 2012. MMH.
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Final activities for the third year of Youth Studies finished


The Croatian Youth Network, along with the partners, held a round table "Education of young people for the future - from the classroom to everyday life". The round table was organized by the Croatian Youth Network, Association Play, Documenta and GONG in collaboration with GOOD Initiative and its goal was to discuss the issue of the formal introduction of civic education in Croatian schools, quality and equal involvement of students in the school and community, and links of civic education with other educational areas, specifically history.
The reason for organizing this round table is the completion of the third year of Youth Studies and the promotion of 6th Youth Studies Journal "I know, I think, I participate" whose authors investigated the opinion of the school principals and the general conditions for the introduction of civic education in the Croatian educational system.
On the first panel, which dealt with the theme of civic education and promotion of sixth Youth Studies Journal, lectures and discussions were held by: Emina Bužinkić, Youth Studies and Documenta: moderator;  Monika Rajković, Croatian Youth Network, Sonja Agata Bisćan, student of the Youth Studies and Martina Horvat, GONG.
After the first panel, a lecture was held by Ross VeLure Roholt from the University of Minnesota and associate of Youth Studies programme in Croatia. Professor Roholt talked about system of civic education in the US. 
Also, on the subject of civic education, human rights and the teaching of history short lectures and discussions were held by: Dea Marić, Documenta: moderator, Hrvoje Klasić, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Magdalena Najbar-Agičić, Media College Koprivnica, Denis Detling, Museum of Slavonia and Miljenko Hajdarović, Croatian history portal.
This roundtable represents the support for the advocacy campaign for civic education "I know, I think, I participate", which is organized by CYN, Center for Peace Studies, GONG and GOOD Initiative. 
The event was completed by visiting the traveling exhibition SEE New Perspectives: From the perspective of a photographer from the Balkans, organized by World Press Photo, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Documenta - Centre for Dealing with the past, which reminds us how art is important as part of the education of young generations.
Having held a roundtable, Ross VeLure Roholt led a training for current and former students of Youth Studies titled "International Practices of Youth Work," which lasted from the 17th to 19th May at the premises of the Association Play. With these activities, the third year of Youth Studies has finished and  a call for new participants will be released in July

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