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#SupportBalkans: Show youth solidarity!

/A common statement of National Youth Councils of Croatia (MMH), Macedonia (NMSM), Slovenia (MSS), Serbia (KOMS) and Republic of Srpska



Ljubljana, Zagreb, Banja Luka, Belgrade, Skopje, June 03, 2014.



#SupportBalkans: Show youth solidarity!



In the past weeks we have been witnessing one of worst natural disasters in the history of Balkans. Villages, towns and people disappeared under the enormous quantity of raging water. A state of emergency has been declared in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the heaviest flooding in past 120 years.


Since the beginning of the floods, young people have been the core force to protect everything people have built. Thousands and thousands of volunteers across Balkans, numerous bags of sand and an excellent coordination by the youth and other non-governmental organizations have proven the force that is young people.


Numerous countries and organizations started collecting support for the affected areas in terms of food, water and other necessities. We as National Youth Councils are doing our best to coordinate our actions to help the people that have lost everything.


We, National Youth Councils of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Republic of Srpska are calling upon governments, European Union institutions, colleagues from other national youth councils, international, national and local youth organizations around Europe to support youth of Balkans in their joint efforts to reduce the consequences of catastrophic floods by being in the first lines of support.


After the immediate support to the evacuated ones, months and years even will be necessary to rebuild the flooded areas. We are calling upon governments, European Union institutions and our fellow youth workers and activists not to forget the people in need after the state of emergency ends. We are calling upon youth organisations throughout Europe to spread the word and help in mobilisation of urgent help to affected areas.


The support to flooded areas must be systematic and coordinated. Cooperation among neighbouring states must be coordinated in order to avoid as much as possible consequences of natural catastrophes that might happen in the future, but also strongly supported by the European Union - in all three countries. Cooperation must be created on all possible levels and aspects of society. 




Let’s show our solidarity with youth and people of Balkans! What can you do?


The best way is to call Serbian, B&H or Croatian embassies and/or Red Cross in your countries. Also, there are different accounts for financial support in each country depending on policy and jurisdictions.


Payments can be made to Serbian Government through PayPal account: floodrelief@gov.rs


Donations to the Red Cross of Republic of Serbia (in EUR): KOMERCIJALNA BANKA AD BEOGRAD, SWIFT CODE: KOBBRSBG, IBAN/Account number: RS35205007080003980905, client name: CRVENI KRST SRBIJE, client address: Simina 19, 11000 Belgrade


Donations to the Red Cross of Republic of Srpska: NLB RAZVOJNA BANKA A.D., SWIFT CODE: RAZBBA22, IBAN: BA395620128039461369, client name: CRVENI KRST REPUBLIKE SRPSKE, client address: SRPSKIH RATNIKA 1, 71 420 PALE Account number: 508-4101833294


Donations to the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation: RAIFFEISEN BANK d.d. BiH, SWIFT CODE: RZBABASS, IBAN: BA391610000000850119, client name: CRVENI KRIZ FEDERACIJE BIH SARAJEVO, client address: NEDIMA FILIPOVICA 9, 71000 SARAJEVO


Donations to the Red Cross of Croatia (multi-currency): PRIVREDNA BANKA ZAGREB, SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2X, IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 ref. nr. 08, client address: Radnicka cesta 50, Zagreb


*calling a donation telephone 060 90 11 (6,25 kuna, VAT included)
*making an on-line donation: http://www.hck.hr/en/page/emergency-appeal-for-flood-affected-areas-in-croatia-415



Donations to the Red Cross of Macedonia: Financial aid through payments on Solidarity fund 300000001327966 DB 4030984271620 – Komercijalna Banka
*making an on-line donation: http://www.donate.org.mk/index.php/mk/



If you want to support us online, use following hashtags: #supportBalkans #helpBalkans #floods #SerbiaFloods #BosniaFLoods #CroatiaFloods


Thank you for your support!



Krovna organizacija mladih Srbije (KOMS) | office@koms.rs | + 381 69 738 446

Mreža mladih Hrvatske (MMH) info@mmh.hr | + 385 1 4573 937

Mladinski svet Slovenije (MSS) |info@mss.si | +386 1 425 60 55


Nacionalen mladinski sovet na Republika Makedonija (NMSM) |info@nms.org.mk |+389 78 350 531

Omladinski savjet Republike Srpske (OSRS) | omladinskisavjetrs@gmail.com | +387 51 326 131




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