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Vocational Education and Training in focus

On 17 December the Croatian Youth Network hosted a conference "Social Inclusion of Pupils in Vocational Education and Training Programmes" in Zagreb. The event served as an milestone of a number of the CYN's activities in this area in 2012 and 2013. The conference brought together many participants of the project, representatives of several institutions and public administration bodies, and a significant number of headmasters, school professionals and pupils.


The CYN's activity in the area began in 2012, when the CYN got involved in the project "Mapping VET Education Policies and Practices for Social Inclusion and Social Cohesion", a comparative research which was coordinated by the London School of Economics and European Training Foundation. The research covered both national and local level in three local communities: Čakovec, Karlovac i Rijeka. In those three cities, based on the findings and recommendations of the research, the action plans were tailored and implemented during summer and autumn of 2013. The action plans included activities connected to the solutions of the problems within the schools, and also support cooperation of schools with different local stakeholders like NGOs and entrepreneurs.


Through the workshops at the conference the participants had an opportunity to express their own experiences and opinions related to the topic. These have served as the basis for the joint conclusions of the conference, which are going to be published soon.


The acitivites of the Croatian Youth Network were supported within the programme "Knowledge hub for social development" by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

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